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James (Wendi) Niu

Data Architect/Senior Data Engineer/
Senior Data Analyst




1010 W Peachtree St NW Apt 778

Atlanta, GA 30309

Date of Birth:

April 20th, 1993

A Bit About Me

James is seeking to leverage many years of experience in Cloud technologies, ETL data pipelines, cleaning, integrating, visualizing data, machine learning, OCR, and NLP modeling, striving to optimize company efficiency by at least 25%.

Worked in various sectors and industries with exemplary capacity for independence and tenacious standards under pressure.

Fully Bilingual in English and Mandarin with exemplary communication skills as both a team player and team leader in extensive data projects with cross-cultural teams.

Work Experience

Dec 2022 -  Current

Jan 2020 - Dec 2022

Apr 2019 - Dec 2019

Oct 2017 - Oct 2018

Senior Data Engineer

Leadership Circle, Atlanta, GA (Remote)

• Develop, test, and deploy a cloud transformation layer with best
CI/CD practices aggregating petabytes of data and reducing costs
by more than 30% due to elastic usage
• Collaborate closely with stakeholders for requirements including
frequency, scaling, and access to Personally Identifiable
Information (PII) increasing adoption rate of the data warehouse
reporting 20% to 60%
• Refine automation with dependency scheduling and parallel
processing that raises data integrity from 80% to 90% and cut
pipeline execution from one hour to 15 minutes

Data Engineer

Medlytix LLC, Atlanta, GA (Onsite)

• Constructed ML production to classify daily 1000+ auto claimsunder first-or-third-party eliminating manual effort spent by 90%+

• Executed data QA daily on patient, insured, insurance, and other
health care data during production to bill 1000+ auto claims
through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and fax
• Automated weekly formatted reports with supplement visuals for
front-end patient account placement and back-end claims filed
streamlining workload for business analysts by a third

Select Responsibilities:

Architected data ingestion and ETL pipeline for ASC X12
claim responses while communicating troubleshooting
guidance to different departments
• Processed daily 50-100 errors by cleaning
duplicates reducing employees’ resolution time by
at least 40%

Constructed and maintained real-time dashboards to assist
Health Care Providers in accelerating their revenue cycle
▪ Capture types of duplicates daily and over the past
week including exact duplicates, follow-up visits, and
demographic changes
▪ Visualized a heatmap for patient count and revenue
by population in geographical regions
Developed and optimized scripts daily to streamline billing
of auto claims varying $ 200-20,000 each
• Enhanced data using vendor API to meet clearing
house specifications, such as 5- or 9-digit Zip
format and matching exact insurance names
• Built OCR to extract key information from cheques and W9s reducing manual data entry by 70%

Data Engineer

GeoAlliance Consultants Pte Ltd, New York, NY (Remote)

• Visualize multi-layered financial models with dashboards for P&L items, staffing expenses, revenue studies, new ventures, and routine operations
• Collaborated weekly with IT team to conduct A/B testing for design of company’s publications, website landin
g page improving end-user satisfaction from 55% to 80%
• Provided technical training on GCP capabilities, Linux environment familiarity, and Advanced MS Office skills

Investment Banking Analyst

M Capital Group, New York, NY (Hybrid)

• Provisioned cloud-based data storage, configuring access for internal customers and significantly reducing emailing overhead
• Automated the retrieval of risk-free rates and debt interest rates from APIs, eliminating the need for manual lookup and ensuring up-to-date information

• Leveraged VB to automate report formatting and visualization reducing deliverable preparation time by 40%


2017 - 2019

2014 - 2017

2006 - 2011

MSc Operations Research, Specialization in Optimization and Analytics, GPA 3.7/4.0

Columbia University in the City of New York, New York, NY

Select Projects:
Data Analytics, Real Estate Descriptive and Predictive Analysis of NYC
• Cleaned missing values of over 12,000 data using multiple imputation method
• Predicted price per SQFT of a potential house on the market via the lasso regression, decision tree,
and KNN methods
• Implemented Clustering to make recommendations based on client preference variables
Business Analytics, Select Administration of Behavioral Therapy to Probationers

• Selected 15 relevant variables out of 149 influencing the reoffence rate of probationers

• Retrained and refined model to eliminate dependency of outcome on racial factors
• Concluded a cost saving of US$ 508 per person from a sample size of 3,092 probations using predictive analytic

Business Analytics Strategy, Investigating Profitability for a US private cloud-computing provider

• Compared customer value-gap offerings of six select competitors in the US across horizontal, vertical, and supplier markets
• Recommended organic growth and cost-based bottom line strategies based on the company’s referrals approach and dedicated sales force


Select Coursework:

Data Analytics Extraction, Business Analytics Visualization, Global Capital Markets, Derivatives Pricing, Stochastic Models, Optimization Methods

BSc Economics, First-Class Honors

London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK

  • First-year Coursework: Economics B, Statistical Theory, Mathematical Methods (95th percentile), Accounting and Finance (95th percentile)

  • Second-year Coursework: Microeconomic Principles II, Macroeconomic Principles, Introduction to Econometrics, Principles of Finance (95th percentile)

  • Third-year Coursework: Monetary Economics, Problems of Applied Econometrics, Further Mathematical Methods (95th percentile), Quantitative Finance (95th percentile)

Cambridge GCE A-Levels, 8As (99th percentile)

Raffles Junior College, Singapore, Singapore

  • H3 college-equivalent Economics (A), Economics(A),  Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), General Paper (A), Project Work (A), Mandarin Chinese (A)

  • Raffles Diploma: Merit - Top 20% of cohort in contribution to societies and clubs


Oct 2017 - Jan 2019

Oct 2017 - Sep 2018

Oct 2017 - Sep 2018

Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

Jun 2012 - May 2014

Engineering Graduate Student Council, Executive Committee

Columbia Engineering, New York, NY

Treasurer for Student Council:
Manage and approve budget funding of US$ 170,300 per annum for all 13 societies in the Engineering School

Resident Council, Board of Trustees

International House, New York, NY

Resident Trustee for Programs & Resident Life:
Plan programs and voice issues regarding policies that affect the general resident body

Bible Group Leader, Columbia InterVarsity Team

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA

Bible Group Leader for Groups Investigating Christ (GIC)

Accredited Student Tutor, Accounting & Finance

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Accredited Student Tutor for "Elements of Accounting & Finance" Coursework

Sergeant, Military Boot Camp

Singapore Army, Singapore, Singapore

• Promoted to Sergeant rank for being upper quartile of cohort
• Exhibited leadership by commanding 30-40 recruits and enforcing regimentation in military boot camp
• Conducted weekly vehicle camouflage lessons for 40-50 trainees regarding three types of military transports

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